SundaySky Introduces the Next Generation of Online Video
When you think of online video, chances are you’re probably still stuck in the land of web 2.0. Videos, no matter how entertaining, are still static. And though we dream that every video we post has the power to go “viral,” the truth is that, within minutes after posting, excitement slowly wanes, along with pageviews. However, SundaySky is putting the engagement back into online videos -- literally.

We talked with Jim Dicso, president at SundaySky, to learn more about the next generation of online video. Sunday Sky has been revolutionizing online videos for some time now, integrating with database or content management systems to extract the dynamic content and incorporate it into online videos. Over time, SundaySky made their videos smarter by tapping into a new technology that provides personalized, engaging, real-time videos to every customer, throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Improve the Customer Experience

How can videos improve customer experience? Consider the phone calls your call center receives, for example. How many calls pertain to issues for which there is already information available on your website? It could be that customers are just not finding the information because it’s presented in less obvious and engaging ways. AT&T began incorporating SundaySky to help offset the numbers of calls it received about billing and statements. Using SmartVideo technology, it leveraged real-time data about a customer’s account and displayed it a friendly, almost enthusiastic video format:

For companies who want to convert prospects to customers, SmartVideo provides an opportunity to target interested customers who have browsed and left their site without purchase as they travel around the web. It is a clever way for companies to subliminally target users that is easier and more effective than developing psychic abilities.

Case in point: Office Depot uses SundaySky’s SmartVideo technology to present prospects who have left their website without making a purchase a retargeted pre-roll ad whenever they next view an online video. These real-time video ads, which can reflect in-store prices and discounts, have been effective in bringing back prospective customers to the Office Depot website for making the purchase they originally set out to make. 

How Does SmartVideo Technology Work?

Real-time data is pushed to the SundaySky SaaS platform or pulled by it upon request, which can trigger the creation of a SmartVideo. Data feed elements are placed in the video, either as visual or narrated voice-overs. Other data elements help determine which scenes to display, creative assets to choose, and branches to follow along the storyboard. The result is a video that displays accurate, up-to-date information that is created each time you play it.

Dicso says that because SmartVideos are designed to be highly engaging and optimized for any data feed of any size, they are especially helpful for companies wanting to provide engaging solutions to not only solve customers’ problems, but provide them with customized information. Additionally, the real-time nature of these solutions gives brands the means to rapidly and cost-effectively generate videos to support varying price points, seasonal deals and last-minute offers.

Forget your preconceived notions about online videos. Thanks to SundaySky, the next generation of online videos is not only smart – it’s incredibly engaging.