Tealium Announces Tealium DataCloud, a Big Data Feed For Marketers

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Data-centric tag management solutions provider, Tealium has announced Tealium DataCloud, an add-on service that will improve tag management by enabling marketers to better connect to and understand their data sources.

As a company, Tealium has gonethrough a couple changes over the past few months. In July, it was announced that it had received a funding grant totaling US$ 10.5 million from Battery Ventures to help with company growth, while in November, it released a statement saying thatformer Limelight Networks CEO, Jeff Lunsford would become Tealium's CEO in January.

Regarding recent product releases, the company has been pretty quiet. The only other recent release, besides the DataCloud was a mobile and video tag management tool in October of last year.

What is the DataCloud?

The DataCloud service, which is part of the Tealium IQ platform, aims to improve how tag management works. According to a statement from the company, many businesses have trouble managing the data exchange between themselves and third party digital marketing vendors, but with the IQ platform and now the Data Cloud add-on, they can manage this data, create visitor level profiles and improve customer acquisition prospects. The DataCloud provides a raw data feed for marketers, stored in a central location and is based on the analytics data that is feed into the Tealium IQ platform.

Learning Opportunities

In addition to this, users will have access to improved data collection tools, such as the standardized data and control feature, which not only extends to mobile web, mobile app and video platforms, but allows users to manage their data points and control which ones they send to vendors.

With Tealium DataCloud, we are leading a new data-centric approach to tag management,” said Erik Bratt, vice president of marketing for Tealium. “At the end of the day, digital marketers optimize their results via data. Tealium DataCloud dramatically expands their access to rich, actionable data that can be used to improve customer acquisition across multiple channels."

Improving Tag Management, One Tool at a Time

As part of the DataCloud release, Tealium has also introduced two new features that work with the DataCloud and IQ platform: a data feed and non-JavaScript tagging. With the data feed feature,information gathered by the DataCloud can be exported to business intelligence platforms or reporting tools, such as TableauSoftware and Quantivo. By having a non-JavaScript tagging option, the DataCloudis compatible with non-JavaScript tagging platforms, such has Google Checkout, which enables users to use the tagging features across all e-commerce environments, even if they don't support JavaScript.

As the DataCloud has only been just been announced, it isn't yet available for purchase or download; those who wish to see how the service works can request a free demo from Tealium.