Just as companies are getting more comfortable with social media, they are still learning how to capture and take advantage of all the information they're gleaning from their fans and followers.

This month we'll be exploring the role of Social CRM and how it can impact and improve the customer experience.  Many of us already have customer relations management systems in place, but they aren't necessarily connected to the places customers are. By plugging social media networks into your customer database, companies can begin to add relevant and useful information about their current and prospective customers so they can deliver better customer experiences.

Social + CRM

Now that more brands are using social media to engage with their customers, more and more are learning interesting things about them. How can you effectively manage your customer lifecycle so that you can make sure you can deliver the right information to the right people? Additionally, as users start using social media to ask questions or seek customer support, companies not only need to be actively responding and listening to customers, they need to be documenting these communications within their CRM so they can ensure that all call center agents can know what conversations are taking place and where.

However, just because you have a Social CRM in place, doesn't mean the hard work is over. There is more pressure than ever to convert social media engagement into leads and conversions. It's essential that the right people, from marketing to sales team members are plugged into the Social CRM so they can take advantage of the valuable information being funneled into it.

Social CRM.png

A Social CRM provides many opportunities to create a full perspective of each customer and prospective customer. What would you do differently if you knew not only where they were and what they were saying, but having it update in your CRM system?