Customer Centricity Dominates Forrester Forum
Gathering our thoughts at the Forrester Forum this week, we reflected on how the social revolution is really just a symptom of the wider customer revolution, and that innovative companies embrace customer experience

Social Media ROI: What Makes it Worthwhile?
Sometimes, ROI in social media marketing programs is not about what brings your organization cash, but rather what methods keep cash under your roof

Google Reeling in Big Fish
In a move targeting large organizations, Google updated its Analytics APIs for things like account setup and configuration.

What's Your Strategy for Social Business?
In our continuing mini-series exploring the social business phenomenon, we discuss productivity for the short term versus innovation for the long term. 

HP: Work For Us, But Inside Our Walls
Depending on who you ask, Hewlett-Packard made this week one of two moves regarding where its employees work: They either pulled a Marissa-Mayer-Yahoo-esque directive or … they didn’t.

Culture and Technology to be Social?
The industry says you need culture and technology to be a social business -- but aren't these two separate problems that need to be addressed on their own?

SharePoint's Success Could Be Its Failure
Using SharePoint for document management is one thing, but once you move beyond that the variety and abundance of use cases are staggering -- and that's a success and failure.

Hey, CIO: Take a Breather
Those big data insights information leaders promise will finally come to fruition with Teradata's release of its next-generation analytic discovery platform, the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform 6.

Gartner's 2014 Technology Vision
Social. Mobile. Cloud. Information. They're all converging, according to Gartner's 2014 technology forecast

Select the Right Web CMS
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