Content Marketing = Customer Focus
You digital marketers must always evolve, as the tools you use do as well. The key to getting it right is to realize it's not about the brand, it's about them, the customer. It's this outward focus that makes content marketing successful.

Focus on the Employee
Behind the firewall, our focus shifts to enabling the employee. This week you should read what it really takes to enable an employee

Vendors are Busy
Here's what happened in the product landscape: Microsoft rumored to beta Office 15Oracle released its Commerce solution, Ektron unveiled a Digital Experience Hub and Elcom launched the next version of its Web CMS. Busy beavers.

July's Tweet Jam in 10 Days
Are you ready to change your marketing approach? Join our Content Marketing Tweet Jam July 25th at 1pm ET. We'll discuss how content marketing works and why it needs to be one your key engagement tools.

Webinar:Leading With Content Marketing
Learn the fundamentals of content marketing with Robert Rose and CMSWire.

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