Customer Loyalty
Did you know that engaged employees create loyal customers? Or that in addition to your sales people, brand advocates also drive sales?

It's also important that marketing and sales work together to ensure the best customer management strategy is in place.

It's a Mobile World
Studies show that 50% of US adults own a smartphone or tablet, and that Generation C is best reached via mobile. This is all good news for mobile advertisers (and explains all those smartphone sales).

Social CRM Tweet Jam
We're in CXMChat Tweet Jam mode. Mark the date: November 28th at 10am PT, 1pm ET. The panelists are lining up at the door, but it's the Tweet Jam questions we want to show you now.

2012 Gartner Web CMS Magic Quadrant Report
Gartner identifies three trends that have altered the web content management market since 2011.
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