Curious about who’s responding to your mobile ads the most? New research from RadiumOne suggests that it’s those within the 18-34 age range. Dubbed Generation C by Nielsen because of their connectivity to each other and content through multiple devices, this age group is one of the most coveted groups, but have proved hard to capture. Could mobile be the key to getting their attention?

C is for Connections

RadiumOne’s findings validate this age group’s personal “connection” with each other as well as their propensity to consume media content, socialize and share experiences through devices. The report shows that half of those surveyed regularly share sales offers with peers via smartphones, and 41% make purchase decisions based solely on recommendations from friends and family.

One could argue that sharing is not as unique a behavior as it once was. After all, brands of all shapes and sizes are always encouraging us to share with others across platforms, be it email or social media. But there is something special about the way Generation C is connected to each other and their devices. For example, the study showed that:


  • 47% of respondents indicated they have clicked on a mobile ad in the past 3 months
  • 54% made a purchase from a mobile device in the last 6 months. Of those, 32% made 1-3 purchases, 14% made 3-6 and 9% made 6+ purchases.
  • More than half (55%) of respondents used their mobile device to comparison shop at least once per week. Of those, 33% use it 1-3 times, 14% use it 3-6 times and 8% answered 6 or more.
  • 39% of respondents viewed between 1 to 5 videos each day on their smartphone while 9% viewed more than 5 videos a day.
  • 37% used a smartphone and 19% used a tablet device while watching T.V.

These are big numbers. Chances are all of us engage in some of these behaviors some of the time, but this age group (of which I am barely a part of) is doing it ALL the time. It isn’t that they occasionally watch a video or accidentally click on an ad -- they are purposely using their mobile devices to watch, shop and connect with others.

Learning Opportunities



Focus on Mobile User Behavior

If you want to target Generation C, it’s crucial to not only identify their social connections, but you’d also need to gain insight about consumer behavior on mobile devices, and be able to analyze real-time interests so you can effectively cater and deliver to the needs of this connected demographic.

Of course, as we learned yesterday, knowing your demographic is one thing -- understanding why they are doing it is another. Generation C may share a lot of the same behaviors and may have grown up in an era of an evolving internet and technology, but it's important not to over simplify their interests. The reason they are elusive is because as much as they are alike, they are also incredibly different. Learning to decipher their behaviors, as well as their interests, may be the secret to unlocking their brand loyalty.