HP & Autonomy Pointing Fingers
What started as a US$ 11b acquisition story is now a tale of cheating and scheming. HP says Autonomy cooked the books. But former Autonomy CEO, Mike Lynch, says it's not true -- that HP's politics and business practices are the reason behind Autonomy's financial woes.

What Customers Want
It's about more than getting that sale, it's also about promoting the brand and building loyalty. Customers increasingly demand more, it's how the enterprise responds to the customer's needs that makes the difference.

Even President Obama understood how to reach into the hearts and minds of the country via digital marketing to get the right information to the right people, at just the right time to win the 2012 presidential election.

Social CRM Tweet Jam
A final reminder that our #CXMChat Tweet Jam on the social side of customer relationship management is taking place on November 28th. Get the Tweet Jam questions and panelists here.

Simplify SharePoint Migration
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