Internet of Nothings?
According to new research from Forrester, the concept "Internet of Things" is well developed, but the reality is three to five years away

Design for Human Experience 
Too many of us are preoccupied with page visits or Facebook likes or our listing on Google search. How many of us are actually focused on the human experience

Fully Social, We Are Not
Where are most organizations in terms of being a full-scale social business

Remote Requirements
For a company to deploy a successful work-from-home policy, three main things are needed -- suitability of role, technology and trust.

Strata + Hadoop Conference Unveiled
SAP's announcement that customers can now infuse big data insights from social apps like Facebook, and Cloudera is changing the data game.

Microsoft's Salvo at Google
Microsoft has just taken another pop at Google, this time with the help of MetaVis Technologies, which launched a new migration wizard that can quickly move content from Google Apps to Office 365.

Web Experience Technology is Changing the Game
Take advantage of the today's Ecommerce tools to boost your business.
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