We've already seen the the Nexus 5 phone in black, thanks to leaks last week from Google. Now images are floating around of the phone stylish white, with the chatter coalescing around a Nov. 1 release date. More scurrilous chatter also suggests a full-size tablet, a Nexus 10 model, is also on the way.

Meanwhile, LG has shown off another curved smartphone for Korean users, suggesting that curved will be an option in most price ranges next year.

While South Korean users bask in a world of curved smartphones — the LG G Flex was revealed this past weekend to go alongside the Galaxy Round — American users are stuck with plain old straight models, for now. But the excitement over Google's Nexus 5 suggests we're not too jealous.

UPDATE: The Nexus 5 and Android KitKat have officially launched, read more here

The new Google model should be formally announced today or tomorrow (Google execs are playing the tease on their Google+ accounts) and should be available as early as Nov. 1. New leaked shots show off the white model, which suggests Google won't go the whole Nokia or Apple way with a raft of new colors.

It could well dent Apple's iPhone 5C project if sales of the less-expensive Apple device are as weak as reported (see Apple's results here). With its rival's new iPads on the way, there is some suggestion that Google might challenge the iPad Air. There are even rumors of a Nexus 10 doing the rounds. There seems to be little substance behind them, but with Google, you never know. 


LG Adds Some Flex 

While the G Flex might look sexier, the real selling points are in its design and technology. It uses a six inch Plastic OLED (POLED) display that is brighter because a 'Real RGB' display puts the red, green and blue elements within a single pixel. It also offers a "healing" elastic coating on the rear that can fill in and clean up the scratches and minor dings phones pick up.


Expect to see curved smartphones in Western markets early next year ... and get used to having the buttons on the back of the phone, as that seems to be the way forward for these devices. Certainly with Nokia back in the game, Android phones might need to up their game soon.