Topsy Launches New Social Data API

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Topsy is leveraging its status in the social analytics landscape and taking things up a notch by offering a new set of social data APIs designed to give brands, agencies, media, and developers the ability to integrate social metrics, insights, and content from any time period or in real time directly into applications, microsites, and social dashboards.

Use Social Data to Unique Create Insights

That means you can instantly access real-time or past Twitter conversations and enriched social data on any topic. And Topsy can do it because they’re the only Twitter partner certified as both a data reseller and an analytics provider.Topsy APIs provide all of its results in less than a second, whether you need realtime or historical data going back to July 2010.

To be clear, Topsy is an index, not an archive, which means that you don’t need to collect any data before building your applications and can add new terms or hashtags to your topic at any time.

Topsy APIs come in three varieties:

Learning Opportunities

  • Content APIs can be used to retrieve every tweet—or only the most relevant ones. Find links, photos, and videos shared on Twitter, and all the tweets related to them.
  • Metrics APIs can be used to identify mention and citation counts and potential impressions for any term in a given time period. Retrieve sentiment scores and geographic distribution at a minute, hour, or day-level granularity.
  • Insights APIs can be used to identify related terms (phrases, hashtags, terms, or authors co-mentioned with a given term). Discover influencers who talk about and amplify a topic.

How Can You Put Topsy APIs to Use?

At first glance, being able to access real-time counts, measurements, and analysis for any term going back three years, could be useful for understanding the social conversation around past political campaigns or events. However, you needn’t look at the big picture; both grassroot organizers and subject matter experts can benefit from accessing a wide array of location-specific applications and analyzing terms related to a particular conversation or topics.

Topsy also suggests that information could be used for creating social war rooms, real-time event or campaign tracking tools, public-facing leaderboards, trend alerting widgets, in-CMS social content discovery tools, as well as social features for any enterprise application.

Regardless of how you use it, though, Topsy's APIs are certain to showcase different kinds of information in new ways that will bring new insights. 

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