New Hampshire-based startup Trendslide is out with a new version of its mobile business dashboard app for the iPhone and iPad.

The Trendslide dashboard is designed to present a single view of data from selected sources that are important to business users, such as information from, Facebook, Twitter, Shopify, Chargify, Google Analytics and others.

Numeric Summary For Key Metrics

New features in this version 1.5 include a Numeric Summary dashboard view of key metrics. On the iPhone, the Summary is the default view, while the iPad shows both the Summary and the graph view at the same time.

The Numeric Summary user interface offers two main new elements. There’s a real-time number for Today for a given metric, such as single number of unique visitors today.

Also new: information relating to 7 days/30 days. This is a numeric comparison of the trend in the last 7 days, such as the number of unique visitors in that period, as well as a similar one for 30 days.

Trendslide-iPad-Shopify .png

The new Dashboard navigation allows a user to share a view of the current Dashboard with anyone via email. Trendslide automatically attaches the Dashboard view to an email. Users can now also jump directly to a specific metric through a menu button, instead of swiping through various metrics.

Google Analytics Integration

Graphs can now be reordered via a menu button, and a specific metric can be removed or made to re-appear. To flip between numeric view and graph view, an iPhone user can tap that option on the menu. iPad users see both views at the same time, such as in the screenshot above.

There’s also a new integration with Google Analytics eCommerce, providing a quick overview of transactions, revenue and average order value alongside conversion rate. (Check out E-Commerce Tracking Tips for Google Analytics Users).

The update also includes a new version of the notifications heuristics, which the company said improves the daily notification about a trend that requires attention. One such improvement is the ability to detect spikes so that, for instance, a press mention might lead to a spike in inbound traffic -- Trendslide will notify the user about the spike.