The idea behind social media management is that it’s an easy way to monitor social media channels. With this in mind, the Twitter owned TweetDeck has a new look that aims to improve the efficiency of the platform.

Introducing the New TweetDeck

As a microblogging network, Twitter is often remodeled and updated to make the network easier to use. This is an idea that the company has carried over to TweetDeck with a “lighter and simpler TweetDeck design."

In order to deliver a number of new and often requested features, we’ve updated TweetDeck’s look and also improved its usability,” wrote Sharath Bulusu, a product manager at Twitter. “It’s a step forward in making TweetDeck feel fresh, as well as enabling some great new functionality.”

Updates include a move from the traditional black to a white background, as well as a relocation of the platform’s toolbar. The top bar has now been moved to the side of the screen with the New Tweet Button on top followed by the Search and column buttons.

As users may have a lot of columns, that can include a curation of tweets related to certain topic or tweets directed a certain user, this update has made it easier to move from one column icon to the next with a scroll function, so no matter if TweetDeck is being used on a small or large screen users won’t miss any important updates. Columns can also be reordered with a drag and drop function and new columns can be added through the add column button.

TweetDeck Redesign

Learning Opportunities

At the bottom of this top bar turned sidebar, users will also find theexpand toolbar button, as well as their lists and settings.

A Change Will Do You Good

The new update has been well-received, as many critics have found the new lighter background design to be a welcome change from TweetDeck's darker look.

Visually, the change is stunning, “ writes Lance Ulanoff. “Since its early beta versions, TweetDeck has been a dark tool, with a mostly black interface and white knockout text. The new TweetDeck is awash in white, resembling dashboard competitors like Hootsuite and SocialFlow.”

Others praised TweetDeck's improve functionality. Gizmodo's Mario Aguilar found that while past versions of TweetDeck worked well, it was hard to move from one column to another.

The new sidebar-based navigation fixes this problem by letting you pick more deliberately between all of the different columns you've created,” he writes.

A Product Overhaul

This new design isn't the only change the social media management platform has gone through over the last few months. In April it was announced that TweetDeck would only be available in a web format as its Android and iPhone apps had been discontinued, while in May users found that they were no longer able to access Facebook feeds from the platform.