Yesterday evening, Twitter announced that it was partnering with two of its most well-known platform partners: Mass Relevance and Crimson Hexagon.

Social Media Curation

Mass Relevance's mission is to help clients find relevance from the masses via real-time social media curation. Crimson Hexagon offers social media monitoring and analysis designed to help companies make meaningful business decisions. Together, they will work to re-syndicate and analyzeTwitter content.

Twitter had previously worked with Mass Relevance during the Obama Town Hall, and Crimson Hexagon powered the Twitter analysis in CNN’s 2010 election coverage and President Barack Obama’s first State of the Union address. As a result, Twitter chose to establish formal partnerships with them in an effort to help brands and media companies deliver compelling Twitter integrations to their users.

How It Works

Content publishers can now work with Mass Relevance to publish and display syndicated Twitter content, as well as monetize the content through sponsorships or direct response. Subsequently, Crimson Hexagon’s platform can provide “subtle insights into how Twitter users are thinking, feeling and reacting” by extracting meaning from an increasing body of Tweets about a brand, a TV show, an event or a news story.

Learning Opportunities

Through this partnership, companies can move beyond engagement to create new revenue streams around curated and integrated experiences into across multiple platforms, including TV, web, mobile and large-screen displays. 

As more social media give access to a timeline of events, Twitter is also capitalizing on integrating with technologies that can leverage the power of mass media with the subtleties of trending topics. The result promises not only to be engaging, but also revenue-boosting.