Twitter has joined companies who have adapted their products for the Windows 8 operating system with the launch of Twitter for Windows 8 app.

A User Friendly Decision

With the launch of Windows 8 in October, Microsoft incorporated an app based system designed to let users visit popular websites, social networks and other places without having to open a browser window. Now Twitter has added their name into that mix.

In addition to having the standard Home, Connect, Discover and Me Tabs, Twitter for Windows 8 has the following functionality features:

  • SnapView: As with many other Windows 8 apps, users can use one app along side another, so they can monitor their Twitter feed, while also working on another task.
  • Photos: With the app and the landscape view photos can appear larger or users can choose to view multiple photos at once through the Discover tab. In order to see a photo in the full-screen mode, a user merely has to tap or click on the photo.
  • Share charm: With this charm, users can tweet anything, from any app at anytime. All a user has to do is swipe along the right edge of the screen and choose the share charm to tweet the content.
  • Search charm: With this charm, if a user is looking to research a certain topic or person, all they have to do is swipe the right side of the screen and search the account name, keyword or hashtag they are looking for.
  • Live Tiles and Notifications: As with other Windows 8 apps users can choose to make Twitter a live title and see what’s currently happening on the micro-blogging network and receive notifications relating to their account.

windows 8 twitter.jpg

Being Basic is a Good Thing

Despite being a new release, it appears that Twitter for Windows 8 has been well-received.

Sam Sabri of WP Central found its basic design and Windows 8 functionality to be a good mix.

Twitter for Windows 8 is fairly spartan in both design and functionality, mostly mimicking the web interface, but with a slight Microsoft Design Language twist,” he said. “It has all the Windows 8 features you’d want too, like snap view and support for the share charm.”

This principle is something that Jake Smith of Pocket Lint also supports.

The app doesn't offer any huge features that aren't available on other platforms, featuring the obligatory Home, Connect, Discover and Me tabs,” he said. “Twitter has, however, taken advantage of specific Windows 8 features and built the app around them. “

Windows 8 Apps for Everyone

Twitter isn't the only company to launch a Windows 8 app. At the operating system’s launch, Box announced their new application, while Opentext has made OpenText Tempo Box and OpenText eDOCS DM available for the system.

Twitter for Windows 8 is available from both the Windows Store and though the Twitter website.