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Twitter has updated its iPad, iOS and Android apps to make them more visual, and photos are now more easily accessed at the top of the feed.

Profile photos are now right in the top middle of the screen, and a header photo will now be displayed behind the profile photo (think Facebook Timeline). Additionally, a report has come out that Twitter will soon drop support for photo apps like Twitpic because of the new Twitter API rules.

Photo Sharing Made Easier (For Some)

Photos are now more prominent in the above listed apps, but also for the page. Furthermore, all image shared on Twitter can now be accessed by a scrolling feature that will show off a person's whole photo stream. Photos can now go full screen on the iPad with just a tap. 

For those who prefer to use image hosting sites like yfrog or Twitpic instead of the native photo sharing, those days may be gone, according to Noah Everett, Twitpic founder. Twitter has contacted these third party photo sharing companies and said they will not be supported in Twitter's official apps, Everett told Buzzfeed's John Herrman. 


Twitter iPad app adds a feature that lets people read stories that are popular within their network.

Twitter Redefined

Twitter has released version 1.1 of its official API rules, and it has dissallowed some features that it had previously permitted like the find friend feature in Tumblr. Twitter developers must adhere to the new guidelines, and some have to do with Twitter's core features like how links display and how text appears.

Twitter obviously feels the need to keep people on its pages where they can view its advertisers. It's a common refrain of the modern Web, and Twitter likely doesn't care if developers don't like the new rules anyway. To be fair, part of the new API rules help to ensure more security, and that should be applauded even if some cool features have been turned off for some people's favorite apps.

Let us know in the comments if you are an avid twitterer or if the new API rules have affected you for the better or worse.