Ubuntu for Tablets Launching Today, Hardware or Platform?

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 Having dabbled with a smartphone OS, the countdown for a project that will see Ubuntu running on tablets has almost expired with the reveal due today. Could it transform how tablets are used, or is this another playful niche contender?

Transforming Tablets

Having launched a smartphone-transforming OS back in January, developer Canonical is aiming its new product, to be revealed toady, at the tablet market, where it will likely turn an ARM-powered Android tablets into a Linux machine with a smart interface, hiding off-screen, and waiting to be called into view, along with other new features.

The reveal takes place at 11AM EST, neatly coinciding HTC's big mobile event which is likely to dominate the tech media pages later today. So, will HTC put out an Ubuntu tablet to test the market, perhaps to better compete against Samsung which is becoming evermore synonymous with Android? We'll find out shortly.


New Markets Or Dead Ends?

We've already got Firefox unveiling a new mobile OS, and KDE supposed to be launching its own Vivaldi tablet, which begs the question how much room is there for experimentation and differentiation among mobile OS players? If any new player can muster a decent roster of hardware then it has some chance of gaining market share, but realistically, fitting in on-top of Android would be a better bet for all but the largest competitors. 

We'll update with more news from this event as it happens and explore how the company plans to play in wild world of tablet hardware. UPDATE: here's the video that explains it all, a new OS for use on unspecified tablets. 

Learning Opportunities



It looks slick and a delight to use, but who will deploy it? That's the big question that remains to be answered, perhaps we'll find out more at MWC next week. 

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