Unified, a provider of enterprise digital marketing tech, has introduced a comparative AdMonitor in the Fall 2012 revision of its cloud-based Social Operating Platform, or SOP. 

AdMonitor provides a dashboard with real-time data about media buying, tactics and performance for any Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer. This feature represents the first time SOP allows a user to monitor Facebook social ads from other ad providers besides Unified. SOP already had the ability to buy, measure and manage social ads provided by Unified.

Brand ROI Timeline

Dave Donohue, Unified’s Vice President for Corporate Communications, told CMSWire that customers welcome the AdMonitor capabilities, even though the Unified platform now shows data from some of his company’s competitors. The customers "are glad to get the transparency," he said, "and we are happy to participate in a competitive bake-off."

Donohue said that this transparency, and the ability to manage as well as view ad data from various social media outlets, distinguishes SOP from its competitors. Others’ platforms, he said, “generally do not allow you to manage the ads” as well as monitor them.

Unified - AdMonitor.png

Unified’s Social Operating Platform is designed to provide media campaign planners and buyers with real-time visibility about paid, owned and earned ads. Metrics include demographics of the social media audiences, keyword trends, campaign performance, direct media costs and results.

This updated SOP also includes a Brand ROI Timeline as part of the Insight application. The Timeline is a visualization tool that assembles the earned value of the online and offline marketing investments from all major social platforms as part of a timeline, instead of as an individual marketing campaign.

Amplet Builder For Ad, Content Distribution

Also included in the newest SOP is a self-service Amplet Builder, so that digital marketers can more readily implement the Amplet app suite that the company launched last summer. Amplets are designed to virally distribute ads and content simultaneously across social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube. Amplets for Advertisers support social ads, display ads, landing pages, email, page apps and standard website modules, and Amplets for Content Creators provide functions for editorial content, videos, images, slideshows and other content.

The summer release was designed to amplify distribution, but it required coding to create the ads and content. Builder offers the opportunity for marketers to use tools to create their own, without involving a Web development team.

In its announcement, Unified cited the experience of Peter Gardiner, Chief Media Officer at the Deutsch agency. He said in a statement that the updated SOP “gives us one corporate standard for buying and measuring the results of social advertising campaigns,” so that there is “one system of record and one dashboard that we can use to monitor our media investments and organic audience growth in real time,” and to report the earned value to clients.