Union Metrics Adds Analytics Service For Tumblr

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 With its growth rocketing, serious Tumblr users and advertisers need to know just how good things are on the share-any-content site. Union Metrics has stepped in with a Tumblr analytics package, following on from its TweetReach tool.

Show Us the Numbers

Having introduced support for adverts earlier this year, there is a growing need for improved metrics on Tumblr, one of the hottest places to show your photos, videos and other content. Union Metrics already has a product monitoring your tweet streams, so why not take a peek at its new analytics service for Tumblr.

With the service now claiming close to 18 billion page views per month, and 70 million daily posts, there is a growing tide of activity, beyond the pretty pictures and videos that adorn the front page. The service is ripe for engagement between companies, brands and users, but only if done in the right way. 

The new analytics service, which is being rolled out from today, will enable campaign monitoring for those who run such things on Tumblr. Union Metrics has Tumblr's approval for the service with several brands including DreamWorks and Yale University, using it to measure the impact of campaigns. 

Amusing pics and video site, Funny Or Die, has been testing Union Metrics and the feedback has helped it to identify its most avid fans and find the most popular types of content that users are after, allowing it to refine its content. 

Learning Opportunities

Taking A Tumble

With many social media campaigns falling foul of users who feel their social space is being invaded, Union Metrics will help provide detailed analytics for brands and marketers about any blog or topic via the service's firehose. 


The web-based services can measure engagement, feedback, help identify influencers and see if Tumblr is working to better your company or brand's social engagements. The service is available as a free seven-day trial, with three Plans, offering a range of blog and topic trackers, and user accounts, starting from US$499 a month.