Take a look at your social media feeds. Lots of great information push through them everyday. But how do you manage it all? How do you ensure that you’re seeing the big picture, while capturing the individual soundbites and snapshots about your brand or product?

Today, Viralheat launches its new Smart Stream, designed to create a more intuitive experience for social media managers so they can effectively maximize their social media efficiency and efficacy.

Make Your Social Streams Smarter

All social media managers know that there’s not one platform or solution that can capture all the conversations taking place or information being shared about your brand or company. Sure, there are some products that come close, but they just get added to the plethora of desktop apps, analytics tools and mobile push notifications that compete for our attention. Viralheat’s new tool aims to eliminates these inefficiencies by providing users with one, unified stream of information. One stream from which managers can see, manage and monitor all content across all connected accounts and keyword searches.

Smart Stream lets users customize smart filters to view relevant brand mentions by keyword, hashtag and more from any combination of platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, blogs, YouTube, among others. Additionally, users can save these customized filters for quick access as well as engage with their audience directly from the stream through replies, comments, retweets and more.


The idea is that social media managers will have a tool from which they can see a real-time, big-picture perspective on their social media performance, while being able to drill down into granular detail to measure specific audience response.

Is the Brooklyn Bridge for Sale, Too?

They say if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is, but in this case Smart Stream could be just the tool to help social media managers streamline the way they work.

Smart Stream comes as a part of a larger Viralheat update. In addition to streamlining social media management, Viralheat users can also expect the following enhancements:

  • A redesigned analytics dashboard: provides all social media analytics in one place. Users can view analytics for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and the web for keyword searches with the ability to drill-down for more granular metrics, plus the ability to easily compare activity and results from one social channel with another.
  • A redesigned user interface: provides updated navigation within the Viralheat dashboard to monitor mentions, manage multiple accounts, view detailed analytics or engage with audiences.
  • Targeted publishing: delivers content at the right time and place, by time zone, country, city, language and other demographic parameters
  • Personal Facebook account publishing: allows users to publish directly to Facebook from the Viralheat dashboard, including scheduled and real-time publishing, URL shortening, and post preview.

Every social media management suite claims to offer all-in-one management. And while many a social media manager dreams of the day when information flows cleanly through only one pipe, it may take a while for managers to abandon their other windows of information, just out of habit.