Don’t sleep late on weekends -- instead, post on your brand’s Facebook wall. That’s one of many recommendations in a new report about how brands can more effectively interact with their fans on the popular social networking site.

The report, "Strategies for Effective Wall Posts: A Timeline Analysis", issued by Salesforce's Buddy Media found that the average interaction rate with users for brand posts made on weekends was 14.5 percent higher compared to weekday posts, but only 14 percent of posts are currently being made during the weekend. The report attributed the higher interaction rate to the time when Facebook fans of your brand have downtime.

Forget Wednesdays for Interaction

While some weekdays, such as Monday or Tuesday, have “decent” interaction rates, the report recommended that brands avoid Wednesdays -- when interactions for most industries are 7.4 percent below average. Thursdays and Fridays are slightly better than Wednesday’s low point -- but below Monday and Tuesday.

Then there’s the time-of-day factor. Brand posts published during non-work hours have, on average, a 14 percent higher interaction than ones posted during work hours -- as might seem obvious, users are more likely to spend time interacting with page content on Facebook when they’re not at work or in school. The report also noted that by posting early in the morning, a brand’s post can receive better News Feed optimization.

On Facebook, Shorter Is Better

Like any marketing effort, frequency is also a factor. Brands that post only once or twice daily have 19 percent higher interaction rates than ones posting three or more times daily, which not only bombards fans but can result in less optimized results for the Facebook News Feed.

Shorter is better, with the most effective posts being 80 characters or less. However, more than three-quarters of posts go beyond this optimal length. Other findings:

  • Posts with photos are more effective than links or videos
  • URLs that indicate destination are better than ones that do not
  • Questions in comments generate more responses
  • "Caption this” requests for photos can increase the interaction rate by over 100 percent.

The report was prepared using an analysis of user engagement from over 1800 Facebook Pages of a selection of major brands, through April and May of this year. Key metrics included Like Rate, Comment Rate, Share Rate, and Interaction Rate, and posts with paid impressions were excluded.

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