Webtrends Adds Real-Time Analytics Engine with Reinvigorate Acquisition
Webtrends (news, site) beefed up its analytics portfolio yet again today, this time with the acquisition of real-time analytics company Reinvigorate. Now, Webtrends will offer real-time and historical analytics for mobile, social and web channels. 

For Reinvigorate's roughly 3,000 customers, nothing will change. For Webtrends users, new perks! In addition to a real-time analytics engine, the acquisition brings nifty visual data to the Webtrends arsenal, including heat maps (pictured below), link maps and visitor path analysis.

Reinvigorate heat map example

Adding Reinvigorate's real-time analytics to the Webtrends portfolio aims to enable clients to keep up with the speed of all of today's key areas: website, mobile and social marketing. 

“As the leader in unified analytics, we are always evaluating the market to ensure we are providing our clients with the most comprehensive and robust product offering available,” said Alex Yoder, CEO, Webtrends. “With the acquisition of Reinvigorate, and the addition of real-time analytics capabilities to our portfolio, we are once again leading the pack in breadth of product."

The acquisition aligns itself nicely with other recent moves from Webtrends, including the release ofAnalytics 10, a house for mobile, social and web analytics with two significant perks: 

  • Data Beyond the Tag: Analytics 10 enables marketers to visualize data from 3rd party data sources available through feeds, APIs, and public sources. Data from Facebook API, iTunes Connect, PostRank and bit.ly are integrated into Webtrends Analytics 10 dashboards.
  • Intelligent Campaign Discovery: Analytics 10 uses discovery techniques to auto-detect campaign conversion and landing pages and provide out-of-the-box campaign reports and dashboards. 

The company has also recently aimed for first place with the announcement of the Webtrends Social suite, an automated platform which includes free, middle-market and enterprise analytics and engagement offerings. 

Meanwhile, "the pack" Yoder speaks of also features companies such as Chartbeat, Woopra and Click, which all offer real-time analytics services. 

As these companies continue to race each other to the top, acquiring the right tools will become increasingly more important, as seen in past moves such as IBM's purchase of Coremetrics and marketing automation firm Unica. And then there's Adobe's famous  acquisition of Omniture for US$ 1.8 billion.