Analytics and digital marketing vendor Webtrends is building on its Streams technology with the debut of Action Center, the system's new home for putting real time analytics to use in remarketing campaigns (among other things).

Real Time Analytics into Action

Webtrends announced Action Center at the eMetrics conference this week, and at release it connects to email systems like ExactTarget, Silverpop or Responsys for behavioral retargeting of marketing information. Action Center works with Webtrends Streams to send real time website visitor information out to marketers who can reengage with those who have abandoned a shopping cart, for example.

Streams is Webtrends' real time analytics framework, and the Action Center is just like what it sounds like. Analytics are great for measuring and visualizing that data, but it's what companies do with it that really counts. In this case, using email to connect with people who have spent time on a website, added something to a shopping cart and then left it for whatever reason.

That data can be accessed and segmented by whatever variables are needed, and then a message can be sent out within minutes specifically addressing that customer's issue directly. Imagine a person who spent 45 minutes on a website, added a few items to the shopping cart and then left. A marketer could use the Streams technology to find all the instances where someone abandoned a shopping cart after more than 25 minutes (or by location or type of device, etc) and attempt to reengage them via email.

In future updates of Action Center, things like SMS messages will be enabled, and other data sources like marketing automation, CRM and others will be added, Jeff Seacrist, VP of partner solutions at Webtrends said at the eMetrics conference.

Learning Opportunities


Create actions based on customer behaviors like device type, number of items viewed or what section of the site they are visiting, for example.

Shifting Targets

Having the ability to see at a deep level exactly what customers are doing on a website or app is what Streams is all about. Now, that data can be used to react faster than ever to those customer actions, Eric Butler, senior director of emerging technologies at Webtrends said at eMetrics.

This data is so rich and just starting to scratch the surface with what we can do," said Butler.

Action Center initially works with the above mentioned email systems, but other systems like CRM and marketing automation are high on the list of expected next releases, Seachrist said. Pricing comes out to around US$ 25,000 based on the number of events pushed to email, Seachrist said, and most customers will likely be able to keep the cost under US$ 50,000.