If you were unsure how important analytics and data intelligence is for today's customer experience strategists, look no further than Webtrends' latest fiscal year as it recorded double digital growth in mobile, social and optimization business.

Mobile, Social Analytics Key Drivers for Customer Experience

Webtrends released it fiscal 2012 (July 2011- June 2012) numbers and as one of the most well-known analytics providers, it's really no surprise how well the company actually did.

The growing demand for digital intelligence solutions and the vendors coming out the woodwork to provide them is amazing. While Webtrends has been around since the days of basic web analytics, the vendor offers much more than that now.

Here's a simple breakdown of its financial news:

  • SaaS services have grown 15% over the same period last fiscal year
  • Mobile business grew 58%
  • Optimize solutions business grew 34%
  • Average annual value of customers rose 25%

According to Webtrends, it expected that its Optimize business will grow dramatically as the demand for more targeted, personalized experiences is high.

A New CMO to Sell the Customer Experience

With good financials often comes some new blood to help an organization continue its momentum. Webtrends has announced that former IBM strategy exec Martin Doettling, is the new CMO. Doettling has over 20 years industry experience and played a lead role in IBM's Smarter Commerce initiative.


Coming from Coremetrics (he was the vice president of product marketing prior to IBM's acquisition), Doettling was responsible for product and market strategy for Coremetric's analytics and digital marketing portfolio. This, along with other previous positions demonstrate sound experience analytics and cloud-based solutions.

Looking Back at Webtrends in 2012

This year isn't over, but already we've seen a large number of updates and new offerings from Webtrends, including a new -- and free -- iPad social analytics app, an updated Analytics on Demand and the addition of heatmaps (although some noted that this seemed a little late coming)

In addition to new and updated solutions, Webtrends signed a partnership with Tealium,a provider of tag management software, were recognized as a key Partner in Facebook's new Preferred Marketing Partner program, and their analytics module received SAP Web Experience certification.

Overall, Webtrends has shown its commitment to offering the right services and solutions to meet the customer experience marketer's demands. Based on the growth of both the mobile and Optimize businesses mentioned above, you pretty much know where the company will be headed for the next fiscal year.