Trying to get the most out of your web presence and your marketing automation platform? Our contributors have differing opinions on how to go about this; read and find out which path is best for your company.

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Contributor Irina Guseva (@irina_guseva) takes a step back to look at the overlap and divergences of Marketing Automation and Web Content Management Systems in her How to Get the Best of Both Worlds: Web CMS and Marketing Automation:

Some might argue that campaigns should be done from Web CMS, others will point you in the direction of a MA tool, or a Digital Marketing platform. Where they’re done will really depend on circumstances, but how they’re done is the first task you need to tackle."

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Once again throwing down the gauntlet, contributor Deb Lavoy(@deb_lavoy) challenges herself and her colleagues to face the facts in Collaboration Isn't Working: What We Have Here is a Chasm:

In the face of a mountain of evidence that something isn’t working as well as we hoped, is “try harder” a good strategy? Are we asking the hard questions of ourselves that could help us tell the difference?" 

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Wild speculation or prescience? You will have to find out for yourself by reading Chris Wright's (@partnerpulsePrediction: SharePoint Will Disappear Very Soon:

SharePoint is very much the glue in Office 365. It is the technology that ties everything together, that makes things work."

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