Elvis DAM has a new owner. WoodWing Software, provider of multi-channel publishing solutions, has purchased Dutchsoftware, maker of Elvis DAM.

The digital asset management solution, developed in 2008, is powered by the Lucene search engine, best known for its use in Wikipedia, and is extensible through integrations with other apps and through plug-ins. The product, available for local installation or as a software-as-a-service, is intended to be open, scalable and easy to install and administer.

Working in Tandem

Hans Janssen, WoodWing Software CEO, said in a statement that publishers and corporations “are looking for solutions that support their increasing multi-channel publishing activities,” most notably rich media. He said that Elvis DAM “makes digital assets such as images and videos easily accessible and manageable,” and that its addition to the WoodWing portfolio strengthens his company’s market position.

The two companies’ main products have been working in tandem for some time. WoodWing’s flagship publishing system, Enterprise, is used as part of an integrated solution with Elvis DAM for a number of mutual customers worldwide. Moving forward, the companies said that Enterprise’s channel of over 90 partners will now also be offered Elvis DAM.

WoodWing President Erik Schut told news media that the two products are “very much complementary.” He noted that Enterprise provides a workflow for publishing to multiple channels in a collaborative environment, while Elvis “is all about securely storing a quickly growing amount of media assets,” classified with metadata for fast access and re-use.

Separate Product

Schut added that Elvis’ media assets can be accessed directly from Enterprise, and WoodWing intends to “bring the integration to an even higher level.”

Elvis will continue as a separate product, as will Enterprise’s ability to integrate with other, third-party DAM providers. Schut said the company was committed to open systems so that customers can pick the most suitable components.

Dutchsoftware staff will move to WoodWing’s headquarters, which is only a few kilometers away in Zaandam, The Netherlands. Founded in 2000, WoodWing’s products began with the line of Smart productivity and efficiency plug-ins. Its Enterprise Digital Publishing Solution, designed to publish content to multiple channels, includes the content management application Content Station.