WoodWing's SmartDPS to Help Enhance Adobe's InDesign for Digital Publishing Ease

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It will become easier for digital designers to create their publications with a new tool from WoodWing. The company has created SmartDPS which will work with Adobe’s InDesign program.

WoodWing started by making plug-ins’ for Adobe products over 10 years ago. Even though they have moved onto an enterprise web publishing and DAM based company, they still work with Adobe to improve and enhance their products.

SmartDPS is designed to assist InDesign users by making their work faster, easier and more efficient, as the program works directly with InDesign’s file system.

“Users of our publishing system love the Digital Publishing Tools -- plug-ins for InDesign that help to quickly add all sorts of interactivity to tablet and mobile publications,” said Erik Schut, President of WoodWing Software. “By introducing SmartDPS, we offer the same benefits to anyone who is using Adobe DPS, and not just users of WoodWing Enterprise.”

What's in SmartDPS

Additions that the SmartDPS program gives to InDesign includes: scrollable areas, hotspots and widgets. No additional training in code or other technical skills are needed to work with these features. The SmartDPS website has brief introduction videos to show how they work.

Learning Opportunities

  • The scrollable areas function works like a traditional scroll bar. Content can be moved vertically or horizontally within the page.
  • A Hotspot, a touch sensitive area of a publication, is a way for users to show information that isn’t initially seen in their publication. Information is showed in columns and can be linked to other informational hotspots.
  • Widgets are found in the online library features that can add an extra level of interaction to a publication Some of these examples include Google Maps, Twitter and captioned slideshows. 

To use SmartDPS you need to have:

  • Adobe InDesign CS5, CS5.5 or CS6
  • Adobe DPS plug-ins.
 Minimum versions: CS5/5.5: Sprint 19 (version 1.9.1), CS6: v8.0.0.370.


Where to get SmartDPS

SmartDPS is currently available as a free trial, once a user signs up with the site. Those who download the program have a limited access to all of the aforementioned features. When the full version is available additional features will be added, such as being able to convert pdf’s into .foilo files.

There will be a variety of paid subscriptions available in the full version, but details haven't been released yet.