Russia's most popular search engine, Yandex, has debuted its free iPad app, so here's a few things to know about it before downloading.

If you are fortunate enough to live in countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan or Turkey, the app is localized, but there is also an English version. 

Search Results

The best feature of Yandex Search for iPad is it opens a new tab for search results so multiple searches can be done without going back or opening a new window. In other words, when a search result is chosen, it opens in a new tab leaving the search page ready for entering a new search. Additionally, it will open an unlimited number of tabs, has a full screen option for viewing images and goes right to a website when the name or address is entered in the search box.

We also like the app's ability to have the search results page open at the same time as a website. The two window option makes browsing much easier and more like how so many people search on laptops and desktops.


Yandex's iPad app is compatible with iOS 4 or higher and is 42 megabytes in size.

Yandex Maps, Google and Apple's Latest Battleground

Over the past two months, Yandex has made headlines for launching its own browser and for getting picked up by Apple over Google Apps. The latter only applies to iOS 6 devices sold in Russia, but when a company as big as Yandex boots a very functional tool like Google Maps, it does get plenty of attention. 

Obviously, Yandex is in direct competition with Google, so that is part of it. But after the Apple Maps trouble that happened right after the iOS 6 launch, the company must have been a bit leery of what to expect from the fledgling app. New software kinks aside, Yandex is having a grand year as it went public in May and is rumored to be working on a new deal with Apple.

Yandex could become the default search engine on Apple's mobile version of Safari. Once again, the move would be directly aimed at Google.