YesMail Interactive, the email customer intelligence company has released Yesmail Data Intelligence, an email tool designed to improve message deliverability and email marketing ROI.

It's All About the Message

In the onset of other social channels, like Facebook, Twitter and text messaging, email marketing is sometimes considered a thing of the past. YesMail is dedicated to improving this service and making it a worthwhile choice for marketers.

One of the most common problems that email marketers face is trying to sort through a collection of email addresses, many of which are spam accounts, non-existent or have been closed, which can lead to many different problems such as as messages not reaching their intended recipients.

 With its “data hygiene service,” Yesmail aims to improve the efficiency of subscriber lists and as a result improve how much impact an email marketing campaign can have.

One of the most effective ways for marketers to ensure their messages are consistently reaching their customers’ inboxes is to maintain a clean database and perform data hygiene on a regular basis," said Jason Warnock, Vice President Market Intelligence and Measurement, Yesmail Interactive. "In our experience, marketers who achieve highest deliverability rates typically scrub their lists on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on their subscriber acquisition rates."

As a whole, Yesmail Data Intelligence removes these closed-down or spam accounts from new-to-file subscriber lists, while also confirming newer email addresses and seemingly inactive accounts are valid before campaign deployment begins.

This process not only helps improve list management, but minimizes other delivery risks that marketers face when using email, such as emails bouncing, blacklisting and ISP blocking.

YesMail: Improving Email, One Step at a Time

YesMail offers user's many different products that are designed to improve the usability and functionality of email as a marketing tool. In addition to having integration capabilities with other social channels such as social media and mobile, other tools that the company offers include data management and creative consultations, as well as campaign strategies and analytics solutions.

Recent additions to their platform include personalization ready models for insights purposes, send-time optimization schedules, and Inbox intelligence. YesMail has also expanded its integration partnerships, according to a blog post from Yesmail Marketing Coordinator, Melissa Goss by adding Instagram to its market intelligence platform.

Yesmail Data Intelligence does not require you to be using YesMail for email marketing and it's independent of ESPs.

Image Courtesy Raywoo (Shuttestock)