customer experience: zendesk help center
Customer service is slowly moving toward a more self-service model, and organizations need to consider how that model will fit in their current customer service strategy. Zendesk, a provider of cloud software, now offers a Help Center platform to support the technical implementation of that self-service model.

Helping Improve the Self-Serve Model

Customer service trends are changing, customers are becoming more self-sufficient. Most, or two out three customers according to Zendesk, now prefer to solve their own problems before attempting to reach a customer service representative. This is done by by searching knowledgebases, looking through question and answer archives and browsing company blogs and community forums.

Sometimes a company doesn't know know what type of services to offer customers or what to include, and this is where the Zendesk Help Center comes into play.

The Help Center, which can be added to a client’s pre-existing Zendesk platform is designed to bring these self-service tools into a central, yet hub.

"Help Center provides a great experience for your customers: It’s their always-on destination for discovering the information they’re looking for,” wrote Stephanie Zou, a senior product marketing manager at Zendesk. “A single search retrieves content from both the knowledge base and community."

A few of the features included in the multilingual Help Center are theme templates which can be edited to match a particular blog or website design and an administration toolbar. There is also a ‘knowledge base’ which can include frequently asked questions, and a question and answer community section where customers can talk with each other about issues. The community section also highlights trending questions and recommends content to customers based on their past activity.

According to Zou, the company is slowly rolling out the platform and by the end of September everyone who is Zendesk client should have access to it. Those who are waiting for access can test the platform through a free trial the company is offering.

Customer Service in the News

Zendesk isn't the only company to provide customer service products. Other recent releases and updates include a customer to business texting service from Instaply, an integration between KANA's email customer service solution and analytics platform and Aspect Software's purchase of IVR Provider Voxeo offering offer multi-channel customer service.