With all the talk of social media and other new approaches for customer service, it’s easy to overlook the importance of that old-time communication medium, email. This week, KANA Software released a new version of its email response management solution, which is now integrated with its KANA Experience Analytics customer support platform. 

Customer Service Provider KANA Integrates Email Solution with A

KANA’s Email Response is designed to automate the process of managing and responding to emails, with intelligent message handling, scripted answers, scalability and an integration with knowledge management. Configurable rules interpret messages for automated responses, intelligent routing and suggested response scripts.

Supporting the Mature Service Channel - Email

The updated email product, KANA Response 13R1, features enhanced spam handling, expanded message metadata and advanced multi-language support, along with improved Japanese language handling, the addition of Norwegian language support and extended UTF-8 Unicode character sets.

James Norwood, KANA’s chief marketing officer, said in a statement that email management “has been a traditional strength for KANA since its inception,” and noted that a key result of the integration with Experience Analytics is the addition of advanced text analytics for this “mature service channel.”

The Experience Analytics platform includes advanced natural language processing for analyzing email texts, providing dashboard data for trends, emerging topics and customer sentiment. The platform also offers textual analysis of postings on Facebook, Twitter and customer forums, as well as chats. Experience Analytics, as the name suggests, is the analytical component of the company’s customer service products, such as KANA Enterprise.

Creating the ‘Omni-Channel’

KANA has been actively promoting the idea that customer service these days is all about the “omni-channel,” and it has been busy acquiring and integrating tools to provide as many channels as possible into its solutions. In April of last year, for instance, it bought Trinicom, a provider of software-as-a-service customer service management for the mid-market.

In July, Kana purchased Ciboodle, which offers customer service for agent desktops as well as contact center management and social communities for customers. Prior to the Ciboodle acquisition, KANA’s reputation had primarily been built on Web customer service, including self-service and live chat, as well as email response management and knowledge management. Last month, the company released a new version of KANA Enterprise, in which its Web-based customer self-service was integrated with the agent support provided by Ciboodle.