Every year the need for good digital asset management solutions grows, and as organizations look for ways to cut expenses while also tapping into market potential, leveraging existing assets becomes increasing important.

When Kevin Cochrane looked back at content management surprises of 2011, DAM stood out. He noted:

As organizations look to build engaging experiences -- including video and targeted multimedia banners, teasers and ads for different campaigns, segments and geos --DAM becomes less a departmental system for internal efficiencies and more an enterprise platform for fueling new online marketing campaigns.

Metadata Matters

Having assets is one thing, but finding them is a different beast altogether. In the first week of 2011, we examined the Dublin Core model for content management.

Throughout 2011, digital asset management solution providers, including Simian, paid attention, improving or adding metadata tagging features to their platforms.

Supersizing Social

Social media also became increasingly important to organizations when evaluating DAM solutions. In March, Jason Campell looked at how ScribbleLive delivered real-time news, particularly from areas of civil unrest. He wrote:

While ScribbleLive is different from what some might call a traditional digital asset management system, I am of the opinion that the integration of social media functionality shows how services such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are changing the meaning of the word traditional.

How do you make the most out of social media without tweeting away your time? DAM to the rescue. We looked at how to repurpose existing content, keep track of what you've already posted and capture community content.

Viral Video

Now that video cameras fit into a user's palm and are packed into all the most popular cell phones, video archives are piling up. Companies are increasingly leveraging video for training employees or marketing products. Thus, the right DAM solution needs to have the ability to group and find these recordings mixed in with other assets.

What do you predict for DAM 2012?

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