We teased the idea of a weekly column on the DAM landscape last year, but, you know, we got busy, and... well... The DAM Lowdown is back with the latest news in the DAM industry.

ScribbleLive Brings Real-Time News

You may remember ScribbleLive from such heavily covered news events as the uprising in Egypt and the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Having been tried in the fire, so to speak, the national news organization of the UK and Ireland intends to use ScribbleLive to cover a slightly less important event -- the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Self-proclaimed as "live-to-air" for the web, ScribbleLive offers the following features:

  • Image, audio and video uploads
  • Twitter integration
  • Webcam recording in real time
  • Video embeds
  • Media captioning
  • Real-time audience metrics

While ScribbleLive is different from what some might call a traditional digital asset management system, I am of the opinion that the integration of social media functionality shows how services such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are changing the meaning of the word traditional.

Orbimédias to Present at Documation 2011

Documation 2011 -- the document and information management show -- kicks off in Paris this week (March 23). Orbimédias will be there to showcase its FotoWare tools.

Orbimédias, the French digital asset management and image workflow solution provider, will present the FotoWare tools that focus on automating many of the daily tasks of managing images such as:

  • Uploading of images and files to the web
  • Resizing images for email transmission
  • Distribution of images to the proper destination folders

KIT digital Adds Another Acquisition

KIT digital (news, site), known mostly for growth through acquisition, is at it again. This time the lucky company is the Italian Polymedia. Polymedia is, or, should I say was, a provider of IP video platform provisioning. The hope is that Polymedia's proprietary technology will enable KIT digital to provision its network operator and broadcaster solutions more quickly.

However, as interesting as the Polymedia acquisition is, even more intriguing is a section of KIT digital's quarterly results statement:

The company purposefully sequenced the KickApps, Kewego, Kyte, and Polymedia transactions, and the majority of the proceeds from the December 2010 public equity offering continue to be dedicated to support a prospective larger acquisition in the very near future. KIT digital plans to release news regarding this larger transaction by the end of Q1 or in early April.

It looks like the spending spree isn't over yet. I will leave it to you to speculate as to what organization is next on the acquisition radar for KIT digital. Stay tuned.

Simian Multimedia Platform Reaches 2.0 Milestone

You spoke and Simian listened. Simian's web-based multimedia platform for creative companies has reached version 2.0 and the majority of features added in this release came from customer feedback. It includes features such as:

  • Project workspaces
  • Enhanced analytics
  • Social syndication
  • Metadata tagging
  • Website integration
  • Custom presentations

The Simian platform consists of three components:

  1. The aforementioned Simian Projects enables collaboration on video, images, audio, documents and rich media. Along with workflow tools, Simian Projects also provides a microsite builder to allow non-web developers to build sites for displaying their work.
  2. Simian Reels helps users build and distribute media reels. The key new piece of functionality is an analytics engine that provides information on who, how and what media assets are being viewed and shared.
  3. Simian Media Library is the customizable asset manager that is the foundation of the platform. Assets with existing metadata can be imported and said metadata can be managed in a unified interface.

Congratulations to the Simian team on reaching 2.0. We are looking forward to version 3.


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