Digital asset management vendor ADAM has released PIMS 3.2, an update that links product information to marketing from within a centralized database.

Cross Media Assets

Shifting media around in an effort to connect product information to various marketing campaigns is now done from a single command center in PIMS 3.2, a move meant to reduce an already complex workflow. This way, customers can view a company's live catalog and its regional variations in real time. When product info is updated, it will be reflected in any e-Commerce, mobile or Web based content displaying it.

Product managers can combine global control with local flexibility for all channels, product catalogs, locations and campaigns," Petra Tant, ADAM softwarre product manager said in a statement.

The need to go into the DAM system to change classifications for product attributes or step out of PIMS to manage relationships has been eliminated in this update. It sounds like a serious workflow update here, so ADAM customers may be getting a really useful tool.

PIMS 3.2 contains PIM Studio, a Web based interface for product management info and PIMS API for adapting PIMS to whatever specific use businesses need. Additionally, PIMS 3.2 allows product and product groups to be totally configurable to bundles, and promotions can be built in short order for any geography or industry.


Drag and drop to move or copy items between trees and products, and mix baskets with PIMS 3.2. 

Unified Customer Experience

Like a newly created modern Italy, ADAM has unified digital marketing with product information. ADAM has done this in order to help its customers attain a totally singular customer experience for anyone coming into contact with those company's messages.

We all know how it feels when businesses pull the old bait and switch, and in the digital era, that might not even be intentional. Not every product looks the same in the store as it does on a tablet or in the shopping cart, and even the descriptions can vary. How much product info should be included on a webpage versus on a Facebook post or in an email? All of these things can be more unified with a system like PIMS 3.2.

For enterprises especially, this product content management is super complex, and generating that unified message is cumbersome and costly. Using PIMS 3.2, it looks like that kind of task is now a bit more streamlined.