Yet another DAM week has passed us by. And, in recent digital asset management news, Picturepark offers gurus an adaptive metadata, Widen updates, North Plains celebrates 2012 and here are six DAM questions.

Picturepark: Gurus and Flexible Metadata

The folks over at Picturepark have been busy. Last week, the Switzerland-based DAM vendor announced a new community service, the DAM Guru Program, that connects potential hires with employees, or experts in the field with “newbies” in search of advice.

Matches are based on member profiles, and the service is free. Picturepark said that, although it is running the Guru effort, the Program’s operations are being kept separate from the company so that it remains “software-agnostic.”

Meanwhile, back in the Picturepark sales operation, the company has just released version 8.4 of its DAM system. The new version employs a more flexible approach to metadata, in order to move the software’s orientation from being about files to being “metadata that properly reflects the content in those files.”

Other improvements include more support for controlled vocabularies, a widget dashboard with a blog feed, links to what’s new and the ability to display external apps or content within Picturepark.

Widget Dashboard-Full-Final_Original_15451.png

Picturepark's widget dashboard in version 8.4

Widen Goes 6.3

Speaking of updates, Widen has unveiled version 6.3 of its Media Collective DAM system. The newest version features enhanced search, a new Ratings function, batch editing for metadata, alerts and emails for shared comments about permission-based assets and a new knowledge base.

2012 was Boffo for North Plains

In 2012, North Plains took steps to reinvent itself. Now, the company is crowing about the boffo year that was. The Toronto-based company says that 2012, in addition to the year it acquired work-in-progress DAM solution provider Xinet and marketing resource management provider VYRE, was the year it generated the largest single-year growth for sales of its Telescope visual content management software, with 70 percent growth year-over-year.

DAM Questions

Before you bring on a DAM consultant and have him or her sit around consuming all the office’s coffee and any available donuts because basic pre-selection questions have not been answered, Edward Smith goes over his list of Six Questions to Answer Before Selecting a Digital Asset Management System.

Of course, you can still ply said consultant with pastries even after the questions have been answered. Just sayin’.