Another DAM week gone by. And, in recent digital asset management news, Extensis Adlibs, ScreenFlow gets Flowtility and Microdata could, one day, become your new best friend.


There's a lot of art in the world's museums, and that means a lot of art management. Adlib Information Systems specializes in Collection Management Systems for cultural institutions -- like the National Gallery in London and Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. This week, Adlib announced a strategic partnership with Extensis, a digital asset management provider, that will add DAM capabilities to its collection management.

The companies said that Adlib's systems work well for curators managing object information, but an integration with Extensis' Portfolio Server through an API will provide DAM features and export functions.

ScreenFlow, Meet Flowtility

Let's say you're screen recording a walk-through of a new website, and you want to add some doodads. Telestream, which provides a screen recording tool for Macs called ScreenFlow, has now partnered with Simplifilm to create the Flowtility motion graphics library, with ready-made doodads to spruce up your production.

The Flowtility library offers nearly 200 assets, including backgrounds, objects, bullet points and transitions, in either 720p or 1080p high-def. The library also includes a how-to tutorial.


Ready for Microdata?

Got Microdata? Well, HTML5 does. The Web standard is supporting Microdata as the "official" semantic markup for structured data, as are the Big Three search engines of Google, Bing and Yahoo. Microdata helps search engines and other computational seekers understand that one phrase represents a book title, for instance, and another phrase is a street address.

David Hitt offers a briefer on Microdata, which starts over at the DAM Foundation. "One day, he writes, any HTML 5 compliant piece of software will natively understand Microdata, so you may also want to".