Yet another DAM week has flown by. In digital asset management news, there’s some DAM fun (and games), a major upgrade for MediaBeacon’s R3volution 5.1 and a full launch of the CognoSys CogDAM suite.

Game On

You may not be accustomed to seeing “games” and “digital asset management” in the same sentence, but gamification has established major beachheads in CRM, sales management tools, retail websites and training -- so why not join the fun?

One example is metadata games created by the Tiltfactor Lab at Dartmouth, under the direction of Dr. Mary Flanagan.

A suite of open source, free, Net-based games were developed to increase the use of archives, initially using the collection at the school’s Rauner Library. Participants in Zen Tag, for instance, simply list descriptors for a random image displayed from the collection. “For some reason, it is a compelling activity,” the Lab researchers note on their website. And, in their Guess What? game, one of two players selects an image (from among several displayed) based on clues sent by the other, networked player.


In a brief essay, "Is Gamification the Next Big Thing for DAM Systems?" AssetBank, a browser-based DAM application vendor, tackles the question that is probably on your mind. It may already be too late to hold back the tide of fun, the essay says, given that research firm Gartner predicts more than 50 percent of organizations that manage innovation processes will gamify those processes by 2015.

MediaBeacon Unveils 5.1

MediaBeacon has announced a major upgrade to its DAM platform. New features in R3volution 5.1 include real-time predictive search with data mining algorithms and access control rules, theme management of the interface, the ability to quickly publish assets across MediaBeacon instances and an expanded API.

Other upgrades include a “complete adoption” of HTML5 to facilitate using the platform on an iPad, and enhanced support for external applications.

CognoSys Launches CogDAM

India-based VAR and integrator CognoSys Technologies has launched its end-to-end CogDAM Digital Asset Management suite, although arguably it is closer to the Media Asset Management end of the spectrum.

The suite includes a single-click encoding service with live streaming based on Microsoft’s Azure Media Services, and an integrated environment for managing a media portfolio in-house, including images or video. Videos taken in the field can be immediately transferred to the media server, encoded in multiple formats without human intervention, and streamed to any user on any device.

CognoSys envisions such use cases as corporate intranet TV for training or product information for employees, suppliers and clients, or event live streaming.