DAM Lowdown: Olympic Photo Sprints, Celum Adds to Team, #DAM Twitter Feeds

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It’s been yet another DAM week -- and, in recent digital asset management news, photo delivery should become an Olympic sport, Celum gets a new CSO and the DAM community could get serious about Twitter.

The Olympic Race for Photos

There should be a separate Olympic category for the race to distribute photos of events. If there were, OpenText could get a gold. An Enterprise Information Management solution from the Waterloo, Ontario-based company was used at the London 2012 Olympic Games to distribute images taken by press photographers in the National Olympic Photo Pool to media outlets, within minutes.

The OpenText Content Hub for Publishers cloud-based solution was employed by over 50 sports and news photographers to transmit their photos from various Olympic locations to a single distribution point, where they were edited by photo editors and semantic metadata was added. Images were then sprinted to a Web portal, where over 1100 media outlets accessed the shots. All without breaking a sweat or pulling a muscle.

Celum Appoints CSO

Celum has appointed Harald Haghofer as its new Chief Services Officer, as well as a member of its executive board and board of directors. His responsibilities include the Global Services Division, and he brings 10 years of experience in Enterprise Content Management to the enterprise digital asset management solution company.

Time for #ReDAM?

You may find yourself uttering DAM, but with the ending “n,” over the discovery by DAM app developer Netxposure that the hashtag #DAM is barely being used to collect 140-character proclamations about, say, the newest trends in taxonomy.

Learning Opportunities

Instead, it appears to be mostly populated by teenagers spouting about modern life. Amazing to find on Twitter, right? “#dam school is in a day,” says one from an Andrea Norris, with a link to an orange-filtered photo on Instagram of a bag of unopened mechanical pencils.

This is not to say that the DAM community hasn’t tried to guide the hashtag back to its rightful position. OpenText, the DAM Foundation, and, heck, even this CMSwire.com DAM Lowdown column are all tweeting under this heading, but those are but lonely message bottles awash in a sea of unrelated exclamations, like this one from a user called Nickey Jay rocks: “It’s only Tuesday and already thinking about Friday #dam.”

But the folks at Netxposure, who specialize in finding solutions to DAM problems, are proposing that #ReDAM become the new digital watering hole for those who know what DAM actually stands for. In a posting on their site, they point out that it has the advantage of bring “short & basically unused,” providing us with a virgin space for posting “about topics regarding DAM, or ReDAM.”

Ready, set…