This week, we take a closer look at the role of taxonomy in digital asset management, product news from Adobe and Picturepark and how to avoid media hoarding.

Picturepark 8.3 Makes DAM Friendlier

Picturepark's 8.3 release includes features to improve ease of use, discussions and workflows. Workgroups can now subscribe to be notified when specific assets are modified or deleted, and a new Review Manager feature improves group discussions and approval workflows by allowing people without Picturepark accounts to participate.

Are You a Rich Media Hoarder?

There's a difference between managing your assets and hoarding your media. Edward Smith explains how a DAM solution can help you clear out the clutter and identify duplicate and unused assets.

Widen User Summit 2012

Widen scheduled its User Summit 2012 for September 17-19 in Madison, Wis. The agenda includes topics covering DAM administration best practices, metadata and taxonomy development, scaling DAM from workgroup to enterprise and how to audit your DAM solution. Registration is already open.

Taxonomy Governance

In Taxonomy Governance: Why You Need It, How It's Done, Mike Doane explains a taxonomy development outline:

Learning Opportunities

  • Theory
  • Value
  • Purpose
  • Application
  • Planning

In the next installments in his taxonomy-focused series, Doane will look at taxonomy maintenance and growth.

DAM Integration With Adobe CS6

Adobe announced that Adobe Drive 4 enables integration of a DAM system with Creative Suite 6 applications.

Accidental Taxonomist

On her Accidental Taxonomist blog, Heath Hedden, author of The Accidental Taxonomist, shares her observations from Henry Stewart DAM in New York. "DAM experts and consultants are not necessarily experts in taxonomies, and taxonomy experts may not be familiar with DAMs, so there is some learning for all of us," she writes.