Another DAM week, another DAM Lowdown. In this week’s digital asset management news, Picturepark continues its region-by-region world tour, Peter Krogh scores an award and WebDAM keeps everyone on a deadline in the loop.

Picturepark Goes French

Picturepark is expanding across the globe. Several weeks ago, the DAM software vendor, a division of Switzerland-based software developer Visual Information Transaction, announced it had chosen Miami-based One LatAM to represent its products in Latin America.

More recently, Picturepark said that French DAM experts Idéa7 would represent the brand throughout French-speaking Europe, including France and Luxembourg. Idéa7 will also provide integration and customization sales.

Innovation Award for Peter Krogh

Peter Krogh’s The DAM Book is the bible of digital asset management for digital photographers. Last week, Krogh received an Individual Innovation Award from the Library of Congress’s National Digital Stewardship Alliance, or NDSA, for his work on The DAM Book, as well as on the dpBestflow website and as a principal author of the Shutha project. Krogh’s honor is part of the first group of NDSA Innovation Awards.

Krogh, a commercial photographer, writer and consultant based in the Washington, D.C. area, is also chair of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP)’s Digital Standards and Practices Committee. ASMP, a founding member of NDSA, nominated Krogh for the award.

dpBestFlow, which stands for Digital Photography Best Practices and Workflow, is a project of ASMP. It’s funded by the U.S. Library of Congress to provide guidance on the process, production and preservation of commercial digital artwork.

The Shutha project is a free online resource site designed to provide guidance on selling work to professional creators of photography and multimedia content in the “majority world,” otherwise known as developing countries.

NDSA was created in 2010, and is a collaborative effort of government agencies, educational institutions, non-profits and commercial businesses to preserve a national collection of “significant digital content.”

WebDAM’s New Notification Features

DAM vendor WebDAM, which recently announced it's been having a boffo year, has launched new notification features for its software to speed up collaboration efforts when you’re on a deadline.

The notifications include automated email notifications and instant alerts, which can be configured to monitor given digital assets for specific actions.

The company has also added the ability to view thumbnail previews of PowerPoint files uploaded to WebDAM.