It’s DAM cold here in the East. Fortunately, we have had some hot digital asset management news in the past week -- sizzlepigging, intern rules, GLOBALedit goes high quality and the DAM night club.

Sizzlepig This

It sounds like the name of a yummy barbeque pork sandwich, but sizzlepig is a cloud-based tool for DAM, content management and other systems that, in the words of its maker, the Detroit-based Grit Design, “does one thing incredibly well.”

That “one thing” is resizing entire folders of images while providing for cropping, compression, file naming and other fine-tuning. The product, the company said, is the result of “years of frustration” by its creators with batch image production. The company recently announced the availability of Enterprise packages, to make sure large teams are aligned on digital projects.

Rules for DAM Interns

As a sequel to his CMSWire article about Where Can I Find a Digital Asset Management Intern?, Henrik de Gyor has now provided DAM Interns: More Ground Rules in the second part of his series.

If any future Bill Clintons are reading this, please note that the fourth rule is “do not have ‘sexual relations’ with an intern.”

Daminion Updates

Daminion’s idea of a DAM system is one that is “affordable” and designed for small teams. Getting closer to a 1.0 release, the company has unveiled version 0.9.8b of its Windows-compatible multi-user system, with such upgrades as enhanced folder management and support for offline files. While Daminion Server for 5 users is US$ 1495, with each user having one concurrent connection, the standalone version is free.

GLOBALedit + JPEGmini

Online photo and video platform for distribution and collaboration, GLOBALedit, is now integrated with JPEGmini technology. The marriage, according to GLOBALedit’s parent Industrial Color, Inc. and JPEGmini’s parent ICVT, provides the ability to view images of the highest quality and share them at speeds as much as five times faster than previously.

The Tel Aviv-based ICVT said that JPEGmini’s media optimization technology was developed by a team of world-class image scientists, and has 28 patents pending. New York City-based Industrial Color is a family of creative production, post-production and SaaS workflow solution companies, whose products include the GLOBALedit LightTable that combines digital imaging with the joys of an old-fashioned light table.

DAM Night Club

file format.png

Would you let this Adobe Digital Negative file format into your DAM night club? image courtesy of Edward Smith

Finally, suppose you were a bouncer at an exclusive club and got to decide whom to let in. Except that, instead of hipsters and wannabees lining up around the block, those clamoring to enter are file formats looking to enter your digital asset management night club. The low-res JPEG, for instance, is described by author Edward Smith in If File Formats Were People as being “that grubby guy in the line wearing jeans and a tank top” who is turned away.

Ok, maybe you’d pick a different theme for your club, and maybe you like jeans and a tank top, but go with the flow and check out the scene -- and the visualizations (the TIFF guy looks marvelous) over at the DAM Learning Center.