DAM Lowdown: Southpaw, Daydream, Daminion and Cakes Versus Cars

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Yet another DAM week. And, in digital asset management news, Southpaw offers TACTIC solutions, DAM gets a “content lifecycle,” a rebuttal ices the DAM cake, Daydream has a major upgrade and Daminion unveils a minor one.

Southpaw Launches Solutions

In the summer, Toronto-based Southpaw Technology released its digital asset management product, TACTIC, as open source. At that time, Co-Founder and CTO Remko Notebook told CMSWire that the company would develop new packages for support and professional services.

Tactic - Custom Data Management Solution.png

Southpaw is now fulfilling Remko's forecast, with the release of a suiteof customized, commercial solutions to extend TACTIC. This first suiteoffers six solutions, including custom data management, a method foringesting large amounts of untracked files into TACTIC, and acustomization of TACTIC’s workflow and asset management features, amongothers.

Have You Ever Metadata?

There’s metadata, and then there’s metadata. David Diamond, author of the DAM Survival Guide, laid out on CMSWire a “content lifecycle” timeline that casts metadata as Historical, Current and Future. This approach, he said, makes it easier to ensure that all required metadata have been considered, easier to assign a rights model, and easier to determine who gets access to viewing or editing values.

A DAM Cake or a DAM Car?

When is a DAM system like a cake? A couple of weeks ago, we pointed readers to a piece on CMSWire by Extensis DAM expert Edward Smith, about the pros and cons of open source systems. He relayed an analogy that envisioned open source DAM software as a cake recipe, and cast a proprietary system as a cake you would buy from a bakery.

With American Thanksgiving so nearby, it’s a pleasure to build on food imagery. Accordingly, we note a recent rebuttal to Smith’s assertions from Ralph Windsor, a software developer, project manager and consultant. In the course of his counter-argument, Windsor contends an open source DAM system is more like “buying a cake where you get the recipe and ingredients printed on the side of the bag.”

Learning Opportunities

Then Windsor has to go and break the holiday eating spirit by suggesting that, actually, you could also say “buying a DAM system is similar to purchasing a car.” Buying a car doesn’t exactly whet our holiday appetite, but see what you think.

Daydream Upgrades FocusOPEN

London-based DAM implementation consultancy Daydream has announced a version 3.4.1 “major upgrade” to their FocusOPEN Digital Asset Manager.

The revised version offers fine control over user/group permissions, better integration with third-party authentication providers, AJAX lightbox controls, and the availability of Open Image Studio for the open source version of FocusOPEN. Open Image Studio enables cropping, rotating, flipping and resizing of images.

Daminion’s ‘Minor Update’

Meanwhile, Russia-based Daminion, maker of a low-cost DAM software system, is out with what it describes as a “minor update” to its beta flagship software of the same name.

Version 0.9.7b enables the importation of Microsoft Office documents, as well as a variety of other improvements and bug fixes.