DAM Vendor Southpaw Releases Custom Solutions for TACTIC

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DAM vendor Southpaw Technology has released a suite of commercial solutions to extend the capability of TACTIC, its open source asset management product.

Called Southpaw Solutions, the new offerings are customized for specific environments and workflow, on top of TACTIC’s core architecture.

Open Sourced in August

In August, Toronto-based Southpaw released TACTIC as open source under the Eclipse Public License. The company said it would develop and provide support packages, professional services and, for organizations that preferred such an arrangement, a commercial license.

At the time of the open source announcement, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Remko Noteboom told CMSWire that open sourcing the product would enable “greater growth” by attracting more users within a customer’s organization as well as new customers, and would drive growth in Southpaw's support and professional services. The new package of customized Southpaw Solutions is clearly an example of the company’s post-open source strategy.

CEO Gary Mundell said in a statement accompanying the Solutions release that thousands of companies have downloaded TACTIC since it was launched in August, and now “those same companies are coming to us for custom solutions” to their specific challenges. These challenges, he said, include getting legacy data into databases “where they can be organized and managed, syncing databases located in different places, and automating the movement of assets through their specific creation process.”

Learning Opportunities

Six Initial Solutions

This first incarnation of Southpaw Solutions includes a Custom Data Management Solution, where TACTIC can be customized to conform to any enterprise data management schema and to enable the creation of branded, customized interfaces.

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There’s also the Ingestion Solution, which provides a method for ingesting large amounts of untracked files into TACTIC and then organizing them into a searchable file system. The Sync Solution ensures that remote teams have the most current version of a file, by using timecodes to sync databases and queueing transactions.

The Creative Brief Solution enables companies to setup, track and automate jobs, tasks and resources in a customized interface, the Custom Work-in-Progress DAM Solution allows the customization of TACTIC’s workflow and asset management features, and the Business Intelligence Solution offers tools to mine data from internal systems that are integrated with TACTIC.