Another DAM week gone by, thank goodness. And, in recent digital asset management news, Widen goes public with Smartimage, work in progress, tips on buying and DAM liability. 

Widen Unveils Smartimage

When you need to publicly distribute your media assets to, say, press like us, Widen has a quick solution. The company recently announced Smartimage, a Web-based image management service to create a public page for viewing, sharing and downloading. The mobile-ready service offers film conversion, automatic categorization into appropriate categories, tagging for easy finding and an easy-to-use interface.



“Can our DAM system support work-in-progress?” That’s a key question system owners and would-be owners often ask, and collaboration software vendor ConceptShare has posted its thoughts in 3 Perspectives on Leveraging DAM to Manage Work in Progress. (A hat tip to DAM News for noting this essay.)

Learning Opportunities

Buying Tips

Speaking of tips, Ralph Windsor offers some Purchasing Tips for Corporate DAM System Buyers. Our favorite, because it can be applied to oh so many situations, is “avoid the kitchen sink”--as in throwing the same at the problem.

Less Liability through DAMness

You don’t want to throw the kitchen sink, and you don’t want a lawsuit thrown at you. A DAM system might help reduce liability and the work required by your legal department, as Henrik de Gyor discusses in Can Digital Asset Management Reduce Liability?