Digital asset and font management provider Extensis released the latest version of its Portfolio Server DAM software today. Version 11 provides visual search results, customizable metadata fields, and drag and drop capabilities.

The new version also features streaming HD video playback and video conversion for tablets, mobile devices and the Web. Davin Kluttz, the company’s Director of Product Strategy, said in a statement that Portfolio Server users report on average, “saving two and a half hours per employee per week.” He added that this means as much as US$ 3000 in savings per employee per year, which, in multi-user DAM environments, has a “major impact” on the bottom line.

UI, Pinned Galleries

Extensis provides software and services for creative pros and workgroups. Its other products include Universal Type Server for server-based font management, Suitcase Fusion for single-user font management and the WebINK web font rental service.

Portfolio Server 11 - Mac Desktop Client.png

Mac Desktop Client for Portfolio Server 11

In addition to the Web client, which can be branded with a logo and overall look and feel, Portfolio Server 11 offers a customizable user interface that can be tweaked to fit the organizational, data entry and search needs of an organization. Via the Desktop Client, assets can be dragged and dropped into applications for users on Mac OS Mountain Lion or Windows 8 computers.

Frequently used galleries of images -- which Extensis describes as a “virtual playlist of assets” -- can be pinned as Favorites, making them easily accessible and always visible. Active Directory integration facilitates automated user management. 

Filtered Fields, Update File Format Support

As a cloud-based system, Portfolio Server 11 can be installed on Amazon EC2, VMWare VSphere or conventional server hardware in-house. The company said the system is designed to be set up quickly and should be easy to use and maintained with little help from the IT department. A built-in API is intended to facilitate integration with other business systems. The platform can be accessed from anywhere, including video assets, with video conversion for tablets, mobile devices as well as desktop.

Version 11 also allows users to access frequently searched metadata fields, through the selection of filtered fields when a new search is initiated. The narrowed down results are then displayed visually, speeding the time it takes to locate assets. It also offers the option to create customized metadata fields to aid in search and tracking rights management.

There’s also updated file format support for the most recent professional camera models, and the ability to share asset information with Adobe Creative Suite and other XMP-compatible applications has been updated with IPTC Extension and PLUS metadata support.