According to North Plains, 2008 was a record year for them in terms of revenues and adoption of their Digital Asset Management platform. With the expected increase in the need for DAM solutions in the next few years, and the continued growth of online publishers, is North Plains set to grab a big chunk of the DAM market?

North Plains Telescope 8.4 Digital Asset Management solution was listed by CMS Watch as one of the top enterprise DAM solutions in their report The Digital & Media Asset Management Report 2009. According to that report, there aren't a lot of mid-market DAM solutions. That may mean good news for enterprise vendors like North Plains.

That may also have been what made 2008 such as strong year for North Plains. With the mid-market vendors not there to fill the gap, enterprise solutions are the best option. According to North Plains, they had record growth in revenues and customer acquisitions, seeing an increase of 42% year over year. Much of this growth they say is due to their DAM solution Telescope.

“2008 represents a milestone year for North Plains. We solidified our position as the de facto DAM solution provider by successfully introducing several new product innovations that meet the challenges of small agile agencies to global-reaching, multi-national organizations,” said Hassan Kotob, President & CEO, North Plains Systems, Inc.

To help with the growth of their Telescope DAM solution, North Plains expanded their offices in Europe by creating an office in London, UK and adding new experienced blood to the team. Part of the European expansion includes a focus on technology partnership which should provide more innovation for their offering.

Adding SaaS to the Solution

North Plains has also done something CMS Watch indicated that many enterprise DAM vendors are doing to reach more audiences - adding a SaaS version to the mix.The hosted solution is a full featured digital asset management solution built on the Telescope platform.

The on demand solution is targeted at small to mid-sized organizations, as well as marketing departments and ad agencies who need a full-service solution at a fraction of the cost.

Not the Only DAM Game in Town

North Plains is certainly not the only DAM solution provider around, many enterprise content management providers also offer DAM solutions integrated with content management including the likes of Nstein, Nuxeo, Day Software and Open Text.

And of course, though they may be lacking numbers, there are a few mid-market solutions still out there working hard to get your business.

With more publishers focusing their efforts online, DAM solutions are certainly going to be in high demand. What are the trends for DAM in the coming year? Stay tuned to CMSWire to find out.