New TACTIC DAM Software Offers Plug-Ins, Customizable Interfaces

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Southpaw Technology is out with version 4.0 of its open source TACTIC digital asset management software. The upgrade offers a variety of customization options, including a new plug-in architecture and configurable HTML5 themes. 


The company said that the new version provides new enhancements for the DAM product’s ability to efficiently move digital assets through the creation process. The data connection technology has been extended, for instance, so TACTIC can be mapped onto any database or file system, including venerable legacy systems.



Digital Workflows are Not One Size Fits All

CEO Gary Mundell said in a statement that, “if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that every company has its own internal digital workflows to handle various tasks, none of which can be support by a one-size-fits-all solution.”

He added that, even with such disparity, Southpaw has learned that companies all have the same problem. These companies, he said, “have tons of digital files, and they need more efficient ways of moving those files through their system without having to replace their massive infrastructures.”

The updated data technology has been added to the APIs, so that data can be obtained from multiple databases and file systems without programming, and the data can be available for interaction in views and forms.

Learning Opportunities


Plugins Illustrator

Any developer who is a member of the TACTIC community can also upload their own plugins to the TACTIC community site. The new plug-ins enable a wide variety of external resources or settings to be packaged and integrated, including tools, project configurations, widgets, custom APIs or themes.

TACTIC Supports Customized Interfaces

Speaking of themes, developers can now create their own customized interfaces, beginning with an HTML5 clean template. The custom interfaces can be designed for the particular needs of a department or departments, teams or workflows.

In August of last year, Southpaw announced that it was releasing its TACTIC product as open source, under the Eclipse Public License. The company decided it would continue and expand its support and professional services, and would offer a commercial license to any organization that preferred or required one.

In November, Southpaw made good on its commitment to expand its services, unveiling customized Solutions that included a service to conform to any data management schema and another to create branded, customized interfaces. With the addition of the updated data technology, the plugins and the customizable interfaces in this release, however, the company appears to have provided in version 4.0 at least some of the capabilities provided by those two services.