Digital asset management (DAM) may have some challenges ahead, but lack of opinions isn't one of them. Metadata and digital rights management sparks flew during yesterday's Tweet Jam as we discussed the present and future fate of DAM. 

Where File Sharing Ends and DAM Begins

As file sharing solutions and content management systems integrate more DAM functionality into the software, where can the line be drawn between upstarts providing DAM-like functionality and DAM systems? Metadata, digital rights management and workflow topped the list for many, but the list didn't end there. 

Getting By Without DAM

We asked our experts if there were any circumstances when a business could get by without a dedicated DAM system. While they offered a few instances when this would be possible, the general impression was that any company with rich digital assets that didn't utilize DAM was hobbling its future growth.

Specialization of DAM a Boon or a Bane?

Who doesn't love a bowl of acronym soup? The DAM field is breeding specialized offerings to meet the needs of different verticals. While some saw the trend as a possible marketing ploy, others saw it as a natural evolution of the technology and a benefit in the long term for end users -- as long as open standards emerge.


DAM Challenges

We asked for the biggest challenges facing DAM today and the panelists didn't hold back. Looks as if there's some work ahead.

Choosing a DAM: Best of Breed or Platform?

While we asked for factors driving the decision between the best of breed or platform approach, some went ahead and shared their opinions on which was the better choice. As with any software choice, it comes down to understanding the business needs and expectations for the software before committing to any purchase.  

The Future of DAM

As many other markets are facing disruption, so is DAM. Demands for DAM interoperability with other business operations, global access, semantic web integration will change the face of the market, which some predict will fragment and others suggest will consolidate. We'll check back in five years to see how these predictions went. 

Parting Thoughts

A final question was presented by one of the panelists, and we'll leave it to you to answer. Till the next Tweet Jam!