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What DAM Manager Cares About Text? #DAMNY [Video]

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Not everyone can define Digital Asset Management (DAM). But everyone who uses the web depends on it, in one way or another. As the organizers of the 11th annual DAM NY conference in New York City last week explained, DAM Managers are "firmly in the front line of 'digital first responders.'"

"Digital assets are now central in every aspect of business engagement. From product development to brand assertion to content sales, and investor relations, digital assets are out there delivering knowledge and collecting insights. Managing those digital assets well is vital for organizational success — day in and day out." -- Henry Stewart Events

DAM is all about rich media: digital photographs, animations, videos and music.

So there's no point in wasting time with words. We're going to share the experience of attending the conference on The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media in the way DAM aficionados understand best — with sound and images.

Learning Opportunities

Here's What You Missed

Henry Stewart DAM New York 2014 was held May 1 and 2 at the Hilton New York. Attendees participated in keynotes, roundtables, talks and panel discussions where a host of vendors, consultants and industry experts shared their knowledge on the entire digital asset life cycle.

Participants include CMSWire contributor John Horodyski, a partner at Optimity Advisors, a consulting firm with expertise in DAM, metadata and taxonomy design, digital and social media marketing and brand strategy.

All photos and original music by Asa Aarons.