Widen Media Collective has released an update to its digital asset management system, featuring a new digital watermarking integration, enhanced analytics and updated PDF exporting.

Deanna Ballew, Widen’s Software Development and Infrastructure Manager, said that version 6.2 “is just the first of many releases we’ll be issuing” in response to feedback from the user community, adding that it will help users “address the pain points they've described to us.”

Rights Management Protection

Digital watermarking and other content ID technologies have been integrated into the system in order to boost rights management. Invisible watermarking is placed on assets at download, so that, if the asset is discovered on the Net, the technology can be used to detect the mark and trace assets to their origin in the Widen system.

Reports and Analytics to Track Usage & Activity

Data- or graphically-oriented reports can now be generated about site storage, including month, data or file format, about asset order and asset counts activity, or for user data, such as login activity, roles and new users.

Widen 6_2 screenshot.png

PDF exports can now be generated similar to XLS exporting, with PDF generation running in the background while a user continues working. Previously, a user had to stop working until the export was completed. The PDF export can be picked up from a new Export Tab up to two weeks after it has been generated.

Web Services for Extracting Metadata, Images

There’s also a new Web Services SOAP API with an interface for querying and extracting metadata or images, which can then be searched through PHP, .NET or Java programs and utilized in other applications, such as a content management system. The company said the redesigned API provides faster searches and compliance with WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 standards.

New Widen DAM Services

6.2 also includes some UI improvements, such as more prominent marking of required fields for metadata input and a new administrative interface in Dynamic Media Builder for modifying templates.

Accompanying the release of 6.2, Widen also announced two new offerings -- DAM Administrative Services and DAM Strategy Development. Admin Services can provide day-to-day management for DAM, such as asset and user maintenance, and Strategy Development consultation and in-person training can be conducted for a customer by Widen’s staff.